Saturday, October 10, 2009

How to Make a Mason Bee Block

Untreated wood block (Blocks can be made from wood of any shape. You can use a dead tree limb, a fence post, or a scrap of firewood. A block with a slanted end works well for the roof.)
• Drill
• 5/16" drill bit
• Shingle or light piece of wood larger than the wood block• Finishing nails
• Hammer
• String or wire
• Scissors
• Safety glasses


Caution! Always use safety equipment.

1. Drill a hole in the block, starting at one corner of the block’s face. Either side of the block is okay. Drill until the hole is about one half inch from the back of the block. Avoid drilling through the wood.

2. Continue drilling holes, about one inch (finger-width) apart until the block is covered with holes.
3. Use the finishing nails to attach the shingle (or wood piece) to the top of the block. (If your block is slanted at one end, attach the shingle to that end.) The roof should overhang the holes.
4. Hammer a finishing nail into each side of the block.
5. Cut a piece of string. Tie each end to a nail on either side of the bee house.
6. Attach the bee block to a fence, house, garage — anywhere close to flowers. The bees tend to visit flowers closer to home. Hang it from a nail or loop it around a fence post. Make sure the bee block faces South.

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